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For a website or online business, its security & speed is the everything. The reason we provide website securities for any website starting $369/-* for a year. We also provide free speed optimisation with the package.


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We understand your queries, that's the reasons we have answered some frequently asked questions. Please contact us personally if you need more information.

Operational Manager: Who wants to know? CEO: Will you just stop this and stay quiet while I answer the questions, please? BYVUG is an information and technology house. Its sole purpose is to provide technical or current or educational information to an individual, firm, company, trusts, association and to different institutions of the society. We also publish some good and entertaining articles that helps one relax and have a wider variety of range to stay on our website.
Operational Manager: You remember that guy from Deadpool who saved Wade from cancer. That guy! CEO: Are you really doing this? Even you don't know him! I'll tell you! We're tired of working for someone else, someone else's dream. Just a random day we thought when we are working, putting all the efforts, reaching margins, accomplishing goals, then Why not for us? This is how we started this and got us a team of passionate goons and lovers of their craft. And here we're moving together towards our destination.
Operational Manager: We live at our house. Where else? CEO: Hey! They mean where are we based? We are based in New Delhi. Our Head Office is located here as well as all our official work is being looked after from New Delhi.
Operational Manager: We provide free flats, food, gold, Macbooks, cash and also a wooden house in Kashmir. CEO: NO! NO! Don't you believe that eve!. We provide securities to websites, assistance in the development of applications and software, SEO, Digital Marketing etc. We also provide free & paid technical support, both free & paid workshops.
Operational Manager: Free babysitting, a proxy in college, a job in GOOGLE, $100k cash and free interior designing for your flat on the moon. CEO: Sakshi, if it's so, Why don't we have it then? On a serious note, as we said we provide securities to websites, assistance in the development of applications and software, SEO, Digital Marketing & Business consultant. We also provide free & paid technical support, both free & paid workshops. So, these are the services you can expect from us.
Operational Manager: You can contact us by sending us a fax, a telegram, a mail or a letter via pigeon. CEO: Well, yeah! but if none of them works, you can visit our contact page, we've provided every detail there.
CEO: Now, Sakshi, you ain't supposed to do that. Please!!!! Well, these cool FAQs are written by Sakshi J., Operational Manager at Byvug Technologies. Thank her personally from "Contact us" page if you had a laugh.
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